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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated with Speed and Horsepower!

Don Browning at Sebring International Raceway

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Activities that keep Don Browning’s world moving.

Don Browning, a fine art photographer, engages arts and culture in his race car.  His latest adventures lead to Palm Beach International Raceway, Sebring International Race Course,   Daytona International Speedway, and others. Florida is Don’s photographic art studio. Learn more about fine art artists.

Don Browning with his Pitts S1S IAC


Fon du Lac WI

Great Lakes N9GL

IAC North Florida Championships,

Keystone, Florida.  

Homestead is a difficult, technical track that will make life difficult for all but the most capable.

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Sebring International Raceway Turkey Trot 2014 Danny Steyn and Selin Rollan, Winners

SCCA Puts on First Class Event at 2015 kick off Race Miami Homestead International Raceway

2010 and 2012 Congressional Candidate Don Browning gives an exclusive interview to R. Melanson Marion Sun-Times reporter:

“I have taken a break from the political arena to spend quality time in business and the SCCA auto racing world.

Congress will improve under Congressman Ted Yoho and Congressman Rich Nugent,” said 2010 congressional candidate Don Browning as he put on his racing helmet for an Old Dogs Racing call to the grid at Sebring International Speedway.”

An older man sitting in the driver's seat of a race car captures the essence of fine art.
A person in the driver 's seat of an old race car.

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Don Browning Photographic Studio and Gallery

Follow the Jack Holder Adventures
By Don Browning

Follow the Jack Holder Adventures
By Don Browning

Wildlife images from Don Browning Fine Art Gallery, Summerfield, Florida. All images ® Copyright protected. No use without written permission of Don Browning © 2014

IAC Basic, Sportsman-Intermediate
Champion Transition to Auto Road Racing SCCA

2015 Don Browning, member of Old Dog Racing 

Don’s first race car was self-built in 1953 as a Soapbox Derby racer.  Sponsored by the Miller Brewing Company.

1955 Don and his brother George ventured from Kansas City, Mo, to Indianapolis In to witness the Indy 500.  Motor Racing has been a passion, along with Acrobatic Flying in the IAC, flying Great Lakes, Citabria, and Pitts S1S aircraft competitively. 

Don Browning’s MX-5 Spec Miata Mazda

Race Car at Miami-Homestead International Raceway, SCCA National Races 2015.

In the early 50s, Don built a photographic darkroom in the basement of his home outside Kansas City, Mo, in the small town of Hickman Mills.  In 1959 Don joined the U.S. Navy and was afforded an opportunity to photograph Western U.S. venues and an extensive portfolio in the Far East.  In 2015 Don announced a 50-year-plus Retro Japanese Sports and Culture Exhibit.  Featured are rare inside the inner curtain “Yokosuka Images of Taihō Kōki, and Tochinoumi Teruyoshi.  Many important sumo matches developed, and Don participated with the Japanese Military Institute of Yokosuka on the nearby island of Jōgashima, Misakimachi Jogashima, Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture 238-0237, Japan.  The Sumo Retro Exhibit was expected in Spring 2016.  Included are expected Old Tokyo, Kamakura, Fugi Moto Yokosuka, and Yokohama.

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Congressman Rich Nugent and Congressman Ted Yoho work with Local Voters to reform Congress.  Congressman Cliff Stearns was challenged by Don Browning and Ted Yoho, pulling in over 20,000 votes, while Sheriff Rich Nugent worked the same 2010 campaign circuit to win a seat and then converted into the Cliff Stearns District.  Again in 2012, Don Browning Challenged Stearns in the Ocala area, driving Stearns north into the new district.  Stearns was hoping to avoid Browning and Nugent in the south district.  Once Stearns vacated the south area, Don withdrew and supported Yoho and Nugent.  

The Strategy worked, as Stearns was swamped with incumbent candidates to the north, and Nugent went unchallenged in the south.  Don Browning was then able to go back to Fine Art Photography sales, auto racing, and real estate investing.  Cliff Stearns lost his seat to current congressman Ted Yoho within 24 months of the Congressional Reform program led by Candidate Don Browning.

Lake Eustis Sailing Club And Lake Weir Sailing

Visiting Central Florida’s Gold Zone is an enjoyable experience.  Don Browning arrives at his Offices just north of The Villages on Highway 441 in Belleview, Florida.  All about Autos, Real Estate, and great people, this area is often called paradise.  Continually involved in real estate purchase and sales, Don recently sold his prize Gold Zone® office to the local Marion County Utilities as a Central Service Center. Don’s new Art Gallery and Offices are at 10487 Summerfield, Florida.

Two pictures of sailboats in the ocean.

SCCA Auto Racing is a Great Place to Start

A silver car with a yellow and red sticker on it's windshield.