Rossini Racing

Mike Rossini Performs Magic

Florida to NC Auto Racing Connection:​Just days before Sebring International Raceway October Turkey Trot SCCA racing event. Don Browning experienced engine damage caused by a faulty fuel pump lean air/fuel mixture problem.  Mike Rossini performed a 22 hour weekend engine analysis, removal/new install/dyno testing and Don Browning was on his way back to Florida and Sebring International Speedway.

Mike Rossini and Don Browning on-site in NC.  "Don come back and visit when you can".

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True Artistry
Engine Builder Mike Rossini

Mikes Shop is a Performance Art Studio.  Parts, pieces, tools and equipment all come together to tell a story of speed, quality and performance.

Buddy says; "That # 49 is a work in progress......"

Prize Rossini-Powered 1999 Mazda Miata

Don with Great Lakes 9GL at North Florida IAC Acro Championships

Keystone Airport Central Florida, Fondulac Wisconsin, and Sebring Airport Acro IAC.

Pitts S1S, Great Lakes, Citabria, and Stearman Don enjoy above the track or on the track. Years with IAC and EAA pals were an honor to experience.

Value Investing and Real Estate are consulting venues for Don Browning.

Some work and lots of play keep Don active.

Former Florida Council for Arts and Culture member, and U.S. Congressional candidate, Don promotes The Best Florida Visits for economic, fine art, and racing tourism.

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